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Texas DTPA Forms and Practice Guide
Table of Contents

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From June 2002 Update

Chapter 1
Initial Client Contacts

§ 1.01 General Considerations
§ 1.02 The Deceptive Trade Practices Act: An Overview
§ 1.02.1 —Application and Effective Dates
§ 1.02.2 —Construction of the DTPA
§ 1.02.3 —Cumulative Remedies
§ 1.02.4 —Plaintiff Must be a Consumer
§ 1.02.5 —“Goods”
§ 1.02.6 —“Services”
§ 1.02.7 —Who Can Be Sued?
§ 1.02.8 ——Health Care Providers
§—Assisted Living Facilities
§—Types of assisted living facilities
§—Standards for assisted living facilities
§ 1.02.9 —False, Misleading or Deceptive Acts or Practices
§—“Mere Breach of Contract”
§ 1.02.10 ——Implied Representations
§ 1.02.11 —Parol Evidence Rule Inapplicable
§ 1.02.12 —“Knowing” and “Intentional” Violations
§ 1.02.13 —Breach of Warranty
§ 1.02.14 ——Express Warranties
§ 1.02.15 ——Implied Warranties
§ 1.02.16 ———New home construction
§ 1.02.17 ———Commercial leasing/ construction
§ 1.02.18 ———Services
§ 1.02.19 ———No implied warranty recognized
§ 1.02.20 —Unconscionability
§ 1.02.21 —Damages Under the DTPA
§ 1.02.22 ——Elements of Damages
§ 1.02.23 ——Measures of Damages
§ 1.02.24 ——Additional Damages
§ 1.02.25 ——Offset Necessary
§ 1.02.26 —Combining Elements or Causes of Action
§ 1.02.27 —Restitution Under the DTPA
§ 1.02.28 —Attorney’s Fees
§ 1.03 Article 21.21 of the Insurance Code: An Overview
§ 1.03.1 —The DTPA and Article 21.21 of the Texas Insurance Code
§ 1.03.2 —Damages and Attorney’s Fees Under Article 21.21 § 16
§ 1.03.3 —Interpretation of insurance contracts under Article 21.21
§ 1.03.4 —Other Statutory Causes of Action
§ 1.03.5 —ERISA preemption of Article 21.21 claim
§ 1.03.6 —ERISA and attorney's fees under Article 21.21 claims
§ 1.04 Initial Client Interview
[a] FORM:  Letter setting appointment, enclosing questionnaire
§ 1.05 —Client Questionnaire (Plaintiff)
[a] FORM:  Client questionnaire (plaintiff)
§ 1.06 —Checklists for Initial Interview
[a] CHECKLIST:  Purchase of goods or services
[b] CHECKLIST:  Purchase of new residence
[c] CHECKLIST:  Purchase of raw land
[d] CHECKLIST:  Investments
[e] CHECKLIST:  Lender liability
[f] CHECKLIST:  Manufactured housing
[g] CHECKLIST:  Lease of commercial real property
[h] CHECKLIST:  Assisted living facility
§ 1.07 Contacting the Previous Attorney
[a] FORM:  Letter to previous attorney
§ 1.08 Conflicts of Interest
§ 1.09 Attorney—Client Contracts
[a] FORM:  Letter enclosing contract
[b] FORM:  Contingent fee agreement
[c] FORM:  Hourly agreement
§ 1.10 Referral Fee Agreements
[a] FORM:  Client approval of referral fee
[b] FORM:  Agreement to pay referral fee
§ 1.11 Release of Medical Information
[a] FORM:  Authorization for release of medical information
§ 1.12 Beginning the Case
[a] FORM:  Letter —what to expect
[b] FORM:  —Alternative paragraph (residential construction)

Chapter 2
Initial Client Contacts

§ 2.01 General Considerations
§ 2.02 An Overview of Defenses Available in DTPA Cases
§ 2.02.01 —Professional Services
§ 2.02.02 —Waiver/Superseding Cause
[a] FORM:  Waiver of consumer rights
§ 2.02.03 —Statutory Defenses
§ 2.02.1 —Contribution and Indemnity
§ 2.03 Client Questionnaire (Defendant)
[a] FORM:  Client questionnaire (defendant)
§ 2.04 —Checklists for Initial Interview
[a] CHECKLIST:  Sale of goods or services
[b] CHECKLIST:  Sale of new residence
[c] CHECKLIST:  Sale of raw land
[d] CHECKLIST:  Lease of commercial real property
§ 2.05 Attorney—Client Agreements
[a] FORM:  Letter agreement with respect to legal services
[b] FORM:  Letter enclosing attorney—client agreement
[c] FORM:  Attorney—client hourly fee agreement

Chapter 3
Giving Notice and Responding to
an Offer

§ 3.01 General Considerations
§ 3.02 Notice Letter: DTPA
§ 3.03 —Elements of a Notice Letter
[a]FORM: Notice letter (general form)
§ 3.04 —Products or Services
[a]FORM: Notice letter: defective product (rescission and damages)
[b]FORM: Notice letter: defective product or service (damages)
§ 3.05 —New Automobiles
§ 3.06 —Residential Construction Liability Act
§ 3.07 —Definitions and scope of coverage
§ 3.08 —Affirmative defenses available to contractor
§ 3.09 —Notice and offer of settlement
[a]FORM: Notice letter to builder/seller
[b]FORM: Notice letter to engineer, architect
[c]FORM: Notice letter on a home warranty claim
[d]FORM: Notice letter to real estate broker/agent
§ 3.10 —When pre-filing notice is not required
§ 3.11 —Abatement
§ 3.12 —Consequences of failing to accept offer to repair
§ 3.13 —Limitations on damages
§ 3.14 —Investments and Business Opportunities
[a]FORM: Notice letter: business opportunity
§ 3.15 —Raw Land Sales
[a]FORM: Notice letter: no potable water on land
[b]FORM: Notice letter: raw land in flood zone
§ 3.16 —Manufactured Housing
[a]FORM: Notice letter: manufactured housing
§ 3.17 —Article 21.21 of the Insurance Code
[a]FORM: Notice letter: Article 21.21
§ 3.18 —Lease of Commercial Property
§ 3.18.1 Assisted Living Facilities
[a] FORM: Notice letter to Assisted Living Facility
§ 3.19 Client Communications Concerning the Notice Letter
[a]FORM: Letter to client transmitting notice letter
[b]FORM: Letter to client: claim rejected
§ 3.20 Evaluating a Settlement Offer
[a]FORM: Letter to client evaluating a settlement offer
[b]FORM: Letter to client evaluating a settlement offer (residential construction)
[c]FORM: Letter accepting the settlement offer
[d]FORM: Letter accepting the offer to repair
[e]FORM: Letter rejecting the settlement offer
[f]FORM: Letter rejecting offer to repair

Chapter 4
Responding to the Notice

§ 4.01 Evaluating the Notice Letter
[a] FORM: Letter requesting inspection of goods
§ 4.02 —Initial Evaluation of DTPA Notice Letter
[a] FORM:  Letter to client analyzing claim
[b] FORM:  Letter requesting additional time
§ 4.03 —Initial Evaluation of Residential Construction Notice Letter
[a] FORM:  Letter requesting opportunity to inspect and photograph defects
[b] FORM:  Letter to builder analyzing the notice letter
§ 4.04 —Notice to Subcontractors
[a] FORM:  Letter to subcontractor giving notice of claim
§ 4.05 Requesting Additional Information
[a] FORM:  Letter requesting additional information (general)
[b] FORM:  —Alternative questions: residential construction defects
§ 4.06 Responding to the Notice Letter
[a] FORM:  General statement denying liability
§ 4.07 —Offering the full amount sought
[a] FORM:  Offer of settlement: full amount of claim
§ 4.08 —Offering Less Than the Amount Sought
[a] FORM:  Offer of settlement: less than amount sought
§ 4.09 —Offer to Repair Construction Defects
[a] FORM:  Offer of settlement: repair of construction defects
[b] FORM:  Offer of settlement: pay for repairs
§ 4.10 Rejecting the Claim
[a] FORM:  Letter rejecting claim
§ 4.11 Effect of Consumer’s Rejection of Settlement Offer
[a] FORM:  Affidavit of rejection of settlement offer

Chapter 5
Plaintiff’s Pleadings

§ 5.01 Contents of Petition
§ 5.02 Original Petition
[a] FORM:  Petition (general form)
§ 5.03 Citation
§ 5.04 —The Function of Pleadings
§ 5.05 —Service of Citation on Individuals and Partnerships
[a] FORM:  Citation on individual
[b] FORM:  Citation on general partnership
[c] FORM:  Citation on limited partnership
§ 5.06 —Service of Citation on Corporations
[a] FORM:  Service on Texas corporations
§ 5.07 —Service on the Secretary of State
[a] FORM:  Citation on Secretary of State—no agent for service
[b] FORM:  Citation on Secretary of State—engages in business in Texas
[c] FORM:  Citation on Secretary of State—former resident
[d] FORM:  Citation on Secretary of State—claim arises from business
§ 5.08 —Long Arm Jurisdiction
[a] FORM:  Citation based on long arm jurisdiction
§ 5.09 —Obtaining proof of service
§ 5.10 —Citation on Person in Charge of Business
[a] FORM:  Citation when currently engaged in business
[b] FORM:  Notice of service to nonresident
§ 5.11 —Service on certain employees or agent
§ 5.12 Alleging Statutory Authority
§ 5.13 Notice and Conditions Precedent
[a] FORM:  —Notice given
[b] FORM:  —Notice not given
§ 5.14 Venue
[al FORM:  —General venue
[b] FORM:  —DTPA venue
[c] FORM:  —Breach of warranty by manufacturer
[c.1] FORM:  —Breach of warranty by manufacturer (suits filed after September 1, 1995)
[d] FORM:  —Venue proper as to other defendant
§ 5.15 Knowing Conduct
[a] FORM:  —Knowing conduct (general form)
[a.1] FORM:  —Knowing conduct (general form) (causes of action after September 1, 1995)
[b] FORM:  —Knowing conduct (breach of warranty)
[b.1] FORM:  —Knowing conduct (breach of warranty) (causes of action after September 1, 1995)
§ 5.15.1 Intentional Conduct
[a] FORM:  —Intentional conduct (general form)
[b] FORM:  —Intentional conduct (breach of warranty)
§ 5.16 Actual Damages
[a] FORM:  —Actual damages (product)
[b] FORM:  —Actual damages (unimproved land)
[c] FORM:  —Actual damages (residential construction)
[d] FORM:  —Actual damages (investments)
§ 5.17 Additional Statutory Damages; Exemplary Damages
[a] FORM:  —Discretionary additional damages (non-Insurance Code cases)
[b] FORM:  —Mandatory treble damages (Insurance Code cases)
[c] FORM:  —Additional damages (personal injury; wrongful death)
[d] FORM:  —Exemplary damages (gross negligence)
[e] FORM:  —Exemplary damages (general form)
§ 5.18 Pleading Specific Actions
§ 5.19 —New Automobile
[a] FORM:  New automobile (with holder-in-due-course rule claim)
§ 5.19.1 —Misrepresentation in sale of business goods
[a] FORM: Business goods
§ 5.20 —Sale of Unimproved Land
[a] FORM:  —Unimproved land
§ 5.21 —Residential Construction
[a] FORM:  —New house purchased from builder/seller (with homeowner warranty)
[b] FORM:  —Used house purchased from owner (failure to disclose defects)
§ 5.21.1 —Commercial construction
[a] FORM: —Defective commercial construction
§ 5.22 Real Estate Funds to Satisfy Judgments
§ 5.23 —Real Estate Recovery Fund
§ 5.24 —Real Estate Inspector Recovery Fund
[a] FORM:  Motion for order directing payment out of Real Estate Recovery Fund
[b] FORM:  —Affidavit of custodian of official records, Texas Real Estate Commission
[c] FORM:  Order directing payment out of Real Estate Recovery Fund
§ 5.25 —Investments
[a] FORM:  Investments (general)
[b] FORM:  —Franchise Investment
[c] FORM: Purchase of Existing Franchise
§ 5.26 —Banking, Lending
[a] FORM:  Unauthorized withdrawal of funds
[b] FORM:  False representation to extend credit
§ 5.27 —Manufactured Housing
§ 5.28 —Service of citation
[a] FORM:  —Citation on Commissioner of Texas Department of Labor and Standards
§ 5.29 —Notice of Filing of Lawsuit
[a] FORM:  —Notice of filing of manufactured housing lawsuit
§ 5.30 —Manufactured Homeowner’s Recovery Fund
§ 5.31 —Commercial Real Property Lease
[a] FORM:  —Commercial lease of real property
§ 5.31.1 —Art. 21.21 of the Texas Insurance Code
[a] FORM:  —Petition (Article 21.21)
§ 5.31.2 —Breach of ambiguous insurance contract
[a] SAMPLE: —Petition asserting ambiguity, breach of contract and Art. 21.21 violations
§ 5.31.3 Assisted Living Facilities
[a] FORM: Petition (Assisted Living Facility)
§ 5.32 Application for Injunctive Relief
[a] FORM:  —Petition for injunctive relief (general form)
[b] FORM:  —Temporary restraining order (general form)
[c] FORM:  —Application for temporary injunction (threatened foreclosure)
[d] FORM:  —Temporary Injunction
§5.33 Pleading Discovery Rule to Avoid Limitations
[a] FORM:  —Allegation invoking the discovery rule

Chapter 6
Defendant’s Pleadings

§ 6.01 Pleas in Abatement
§ 6.01.1 — Inadequate notice of claim
[a] FORM:  Plea in abatement (inadequate notice of claim)
[b] FORM:  Order on plea in abatement
§ 6.01.2 — Refusal to Allow Inspection
[a] FORM:  Plea in abatement: no opportunity to inspect
[b] FORM:  Order on plea in abatement
§ 6.01.3 — Mediation/ Arbitration:
[a] FORM:  Plea in abatement: mediation/arbitration
[b] FORM:  Order on plea in abatement
§ 6.02 [Reserved]
§ 6.03 Motion to Transfer Venue
[a] FORM:  Motion to transfer venue
[b] FORM:  —Affidavit in support of motion to transfer venue
[c] FORM:  Order sustaining motion to transfer venue
§ 6.04 Original Answer
[a] FORM:  Original answer (general form)
§ 6.05 —Special Exceptions: Inadequacy of Pleadings
§ 6.06 —Affirmative Defenses: DTPA
[a] FORM:  Original answer with affirmative defenses
§ 6.07 —Affirmative Defense: Waiver
[a] FORM:  Affirmative defense: waiver
§ 6.08 —Affirmative Defenses: Residential Construction
[a] FORM:  Original answer with affirmative defenses (residential construction)
§ 6.09 —Affirmative Defense: Professional Opinion
[a] FORM:  Affirmative defense: professional opinion
§ 6.09.1 —Affirmative Defense: Claim Arises Out of Written Contract
[a] FORM:  Affirmative defense: claim arises out of written contract
§ 6.09.2 Affirmative Defense: Transaction Exceeds DTPA’s Dollar Limit
[a] FORM:  Affirmative defense: consideration paid exceeds DTPA’s transactional cap
§ 6.10 Counterclaim for Bad Faith and Harassment
[a] FORM:  Counterclaim for bad faith, harassment

Chapter 7

§ 7.01 General Considerations
§ 7.02 Informal Discovery
§ 7.03 —Corporation Information
§ 7.04 —Assumed Names
§ 7.05 —Financial Institutions
§ 7.06 —Insurance Companies
§ 7.07 —Insurance Agents
§ 7.08 —Realtors
§ 7.09 —Real Estate Inspectors
§ 7.10 —Prior Lawsuits
§ 7.11 —Prior Claims or Complaints
§ 7.12 —Construction Information
§ 7.13 —Manufactured Housing
§ 7.14 Formal Discovery
§ 7.15 —The Rules of Civil Procedure
§ 7.16 Scope of Discovery
§ 7.17 Specific Discoverable Matters
§ 7.18 —Potential Fact Witnesses and Parties
§ 7.19 —Expert Witnesses
§ 7.20 —Documents
§ 7.21 —Tax Returns
§ 7.22 —Financial Records
§ 7.23 —Photographs
§ 7.24 —Indemnity, Insuring and Settlement Agreements
§ 7.25 —Medical Records
§ 7.26 —Statements
§ 7.27 —Wealth of Parties
§ 7.28 —Other Claims
§ 7.29 —Insurance Company Files
§ 7.30 —Land
§ 7.31 Exemptions from Discovery
§ 7.32 —Work Product
§ 7.33 —Other Privileged Information
§ 7.34 Subpoenas
[a] FORM:  Subpoena
§ 7.35 Forms of Discovery
§ 7.36 Discovery Control Plan
§ 7.37 Level 1 Discovery
§ 7.38 Level 2 Discovery
§ 7.39 Level 3 Discovery
§ 7.40 Modification of Discovery Control Plan
[a] FORM:  Motion to modify discovery control plan
[b] FORM:  Order modifying discovery control plan
§ 7.41 Discovery Agreements
[a] FORM:  Rule 11 Agreement
§ 7.41.1 Requests for disclosure
[a] FORM: Request for Disclosure (general form)
[b] FORM: Request for Disclosure (short form)
§ 7.42 Interrogatories
§ 7.43 —Drafting Interrogatories
[a] FORM:  Interrogatories (general form)
§ 7.44 —Additional General Questions to Plaintiff
[a] FORM:  —Additional questions (to plaintiff)
§ 7.45 —Additional Questions for Specific Cases
[a] FORM:  —Defective product (to defendant)
[b] FORM:  —Defective product (to plaintiff)
[c] FORM:  —Unimproved land (to defendant)
[d] FORM:  —Unimproved land (to plaintiff)
[e] FORM:  —Residential construction (to defendant)
[f] FORM:  —Residential construction (to plaintiff)
[g] FORM:  —Franchise investments (to defendant)
[h] FORM:  —Franchise investments (to plaintiff)
[i] FORM:  —Lender liability: unauthorized withdrawal of funds (to defendant)
[j] FORM:  —Lender liability: unauthorized withdrawal of funds (to plaintiff)
[k] FORM:  —Lender liability: false representation to extend credit (to defendant)
[l] FORM:  —Lender liability: false representation to extend credit (to plaintiff)
[m] FORM:  —Commercial lease (to defendant)
[n] FORM:  —Commercial lease (to plaintiff)
[o] FORM:  —Insurance Code claim: homeowner’s policy (to defendant)
[p] FORM:  —Insurance Code claim: homeowner’s policy (to plaintiff)
§ 7.46 Request for Production of Documents and Things
§ 7.47 —Drafting Requests for Production
[a] FORM:  Request for Production (general form)
§ 7.48 Requests for Admission
§ 7.49 —Drafting Requests for Admission
[a] FORM:  Request for Admission (general form)
§ 7.50 Responding to Written Discovery Requests
§ 7.50.1 Depositions on written questions
[a] FORM: Notice of Deposition of Written Questions
§ 7.51 Oral Depositions
§ 7.52 —Notice of Oral Deposition
[a] FORM: Notice of oral deposition (individual)
[b] FORM: Notice of oral deposition (organization)
§ 7.52.1 Depositions Before Suit
[a] FORM: Petition for pre-suit deposition
[b] FORM: Order for deposition before suit
§ 7.53 —Deposition Checklists
§ 7.54 —Preparing the Client for Deposition
[a] FORM: Deposition preparation memorandum (plaintiff)
[b] FORM: Deposition preparation memorandum (defendant)

Chapter 8
Pre-Trial Proceedings

§ 8.01 General Considerations
§ 8.01.1 Mediation
[a] Motion to compel mediation
[b] Order on motion to compel mediation
[c] FORM: Mediation Settlement Agreement
§ 8.01.2 —When to Use Mediation
§ 8.01.3 —Preparing for Mediation
§ 8.01.4 —The Mediation Process
§—Avoiding Ethical Traps In Negotiation
§ 8.01.5 Arbitration
§ 8.01.6 — Applicable Law
§ 8.01.7 — Appeal of Arbitrator’s Decision
[a] FORM:  Motion to compel arbitration
[b] FORM:  Order on motion to compel arbitration
§ 8.02 Obtaining a Trial Setting
[a] FORM:  Letter requesting a trial setting
[b] FORM:  Certification of trial readiness
§ 8.03 Giving Notice of the Trial Setting
[a] FORM:  Letter providing notice of setting to parties
[b] FORM:  Letter providing notice of setting to witnesses
§ 8.04 Evidence by Affidavit
§ 8.05 —Cost and necessity of services
[a] FORM:  Affidavit concerning cost and necessity of services
§ 8.06 —Controverting Affidavit Concerning Cost and Necessity of Services
[a] FORM:  Counteraffidavit concerning cost and necessity of services
[b] FORM:  Request for leave of court to file counteraffidavit
[c] FORM:  Order granting leave to file counteraffidavit
§ 8.07 Business and Medical Records
[a] FORM:  Business or medical records affidavit
§ 8.08 Use of Criminal Convictions for Impeachment
[a] FORM:  Request for notice of use of criminal convictions for impeachment
§ 8.09 Visiting Judges
[a] FORM:  Objection to assignment of visiting judge
§ 8.10 Motions in Limine
§ 8.10.1 — Travis County Local Rule
§ 8.10.2 —Procedure
[a] FORM:  Motion in limine (general form)
[b] FORM:  —Specific matters for plaintiff’s motion in limine
[c] FORM:  —Specific matters for defendant’s motion in limine
[d] FORM:  —Order on motion in limine
§ 8.11 Judicial Notice
[a] FORM:  Motion for court to take judicial notice
[b] FORM:  Order taking judicial notice
§ 8.12 Pre-trial Hearings
[a] FORM:  Motion for pretrial conference
[b] FORM:  Order on pre-trial conference (general form)
[c] FORM:  Scheduling order

Chapter 9
Trial: Part One
Voir Dire to Close of Evidence

§ 9.01 Jury Selection
§ 9.02 —Challenges to Jurors
§ 9.03 —Exemptions from Jury Service
§ 9.04 —Voir Dire Examination
§ 9.05 —Scope of Voir Dire Examination
§ 9.06 —Sources of Information on Jurors
§ 9.07 —Collecting the Information
§ 9.08 —General Voir Dire Questions
§ 9.09 —Communicating Concepts
§ 9.10 —Introducing the Participants
§ 9.11 —Opening Statement (Plaintiff)
§ 9.12 —Opening Statement (Defendant)
§ 9.13 —Objections in Voir Dire
[a] CHECKLIST:  Voir dire objections
§ 9.14 —Preserving Error
§ 9.15 The Case-in-Chief
§ 9.16 —Order of Testimony
§ 9.17 —Direct Examination
§ 9.18 —Cross Examination
§ 9.19 Objections to Evidence
[a] CHECKLIST:  Objections to evidence

Chapter 10
Trial: Part Two
Court’s Charge to Judgment

§ 10.01 The Court’s Charge
[a] FORM:  Requested special charge
[b] FORM:  —Specific request for question, instruction or definition
§ 10.02 —General Definitions and Instructions
[a] FORM:  —Producing cause
[b] FORM:  —Market value
[c] FORM:  —Good and workmanlike manner
[d] FORM:  —Uninhabitable
[e] FORM:  —Unconscionable action or course of action
[f] FORM:  —Express warranty
[g] FORM:  —Knowingly
[h] FORM:  —Intentionally
[i] FORM:  —Corporate agents
[j] FORM:  —Alter ego
[k] FORM:  —Agency
§ 10.03 —DTPA “Laundry List” Questions
[a] FORM:  —False, misleading or deceptive act or practice
[b] FORM:  —False, misleading or deceptive act or practice (after September 1, 1995)
[c] FORM:  —Description of goods or services
[d] FORM:  —Description of goods or services (after September 1, 1995)
[e] FORM:  —Quality or style of goods or services
[f] FORM:  —Quality or style of goods or services (after
September 1, 1995)
[g] FORM:  —Misrepresented and unlawful agreements
[h] FORM:  —Misrepresented and unlawful agreements (after
September 1, 1995)
[i] FORM:  —Work or services performed
[j] FORM:  —Work or services performed (after September 1, 1995)
[k] FORM:  —Failure to disclose
[l] FORM:  —Failure to disclose (after September 1, 1995)
§ 10.04 Breach of Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing
[a] FORM:  —Breach of duty of good faith and fair dealing—cancellation of insurance coverage
[b] FORM:  —Breach of duty of good faith and fair dealing—claim denial or delay
§ 10.05 —Negligent Misrepresentation
[a] FORM:  —Negligent misrepresentation
§ 10.05A —Fraud
[a] FORM:  —Common law fraud
[b] FORM:  —Statutory fraud
§ 10.06 —Breach of Warranty
[a] FORM:  —Breach of warranty (general form)
[b] FORM:  —Breach of warranty (general form) (after September 1, 1995)
[c] FORM:  —Breach of warranty of merchantability
[d] FORM:  —Breach of warranty of merchantability (after September 1, 1995)
[e] FORM:  —Breach of implied warranty on services
[f] FORM:  —Breach of implied warranty on services (after September 1, 1995)
[g] FORM:  —Breach of warranty of habitability and workmanship (new house)
[h] FORM:  —Breach of warranty of habitability and workmanship (new house) (after September 1, 1995)
[i] FORM:  —Breach of warranty of suitability of commercial lease space
[j] FORM:  —Breach of warranty of suitability of commercial lease space (after September 1, 1995)
§ 10.07 —Unconscionability
[a] FORM:  —Unconscionable action or course of action
[b] FORM:  —Unconscionable action or course of action (after September 1, 1995)
§ 10.08 —Article 21.21 of the Insurance Code
[a] FORM:  —Art. 21.21 of the Insurance Code
[b] FORM:  —Art. 21.21 of the Insurance Code (after September 1, 1995)
§ 10.09 —Damages
[a] FORM:  —Damages (general form)
[b] FORM:  —Damages (alternative general form)
[c] FORM:  —Restoration of money or property
§ 10.10 ——Specific Elements of Damages
§ 10.11 ——“Knowing” and “Intentional” Conduct
[a] FORM:  —“Knowing” conduct
[b] FORM:  —“Intentional” conduct
§ 10.12 ——Additional and Exemplary Damages
[a] FORM:  —Additional or exemplary damages
§ 10.13 ——Attorney’s Fees
[a] FORM:  —Attorneys’ fees (hourly)
§ 10.14 —Defenses to DTPA and Residential Construction Actions
[a] FORM:  —Third party information
[b] FORM:  —Unreasonable rejection of settlement offer
[c] FORM:  —No opportunity to repair
[d] FORM:  —Negligence of another person
§ 10.15 —Statute of Limitations
[a] FORM:  —Discovery rule
§ 10.15.1 Proportionate Responsibility
§ 10.16 Sample DTPA Charge
[a] FORM:  —Sample DTPA charge
§ 10.17 Jury Arguments
§ 10.18 —General Legal Principles
§ 10.19 —Contents of Jury Arguments
§ 10.20 —Preserving Error
§ 10.21 —Improper Jury Arguments
§ 10.22 —Contents and Structure of Jury Argument
§ 10.23 Motions for Judgment
[a] FORM:  Motion for judgment on the jury verdict
[b] FORM:  Defendant’s motion for judgment on jury verdict
§ 10.24 Final Judgments
[a] FORM:  Final judgment for damages and attorneys’ fees
[b] FORM:  Final judgment for restoration of money or property and rescission
[c] FORM:  Final judgment for defendant’s attorney’s fees
[d] FORM:  —Alternative judgment for attorney’s fees

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Updated 11/25/03 
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