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Civil Objection! AutoNeg

Lisa Lamborghini, star witness in the murder trial Objection! has had an automobile accident and it's your job to represent her in a civil trial.  Civil Objection! Autoneg is an entire trial, from start to end, with direct examination and cross examination of several witnesses, including medical and technical experts.  Instead of defending an innocent man accused of murder, you try to get your client the highest verdict you can.  

Visit our Demos page to download a demo copy of Civil Objection! Autoneg.

Features of Civil Objection! Autoneg:

  • Covers Testimonial, Documentary, Demonstrative and Real Evidence.
  • Built-in Xplain feature that provides explanations, citations, cross references, and practice tips that are unique for each of the thousands of potential questions.
  • Strategic comments chalkboard provides comments and tips to help the player understand why questions should or should not be asked. 
  • A complete trial including direct and cross-examination of lay and expert witnesses.
  • Greater specificity and detail to assure that major trial issues are covered.
  • Relevant information from all 50 states as well as Military Code.
  • Entertaining sound and graphics to keep players entertained.
  • Certified for CLE credit in 18 states.

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Updated 11/25/03 
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